Medications & the Bible

17 Oct

ADHD and Meds: A Despicable War Against our Little Ones

   “If a parent forced a child to take alcohol, a depressant, in the mistaken belief that he was curing a “chemical imbalance” in the child’s brain, we would not hesitate to have the child removed from the home. Yet millions of children are forced to take mind-altering drugs in the equally mistaken belief that depression and other mental illnesses are biologically caused, for which there is not a shred of scientific evidence.” -Keith Hoeller, editor in chief, Review of Existential...

09 Mar

Use Your Meds Or Lose Your Calling

“Early in this century the battle was over the innerancy of the Scriptures. Today the battle is over the sufficiency of the Scriptures.” Dr. James Boice We have long been concerned about the increasing influence of secular psychology upon the life and ministry of the Church. Borrowing medical terminology and claiming the authority of empirical science, its humanistic theories and methodologies have been welcomed into the very center of the life of Christ’s church. When we deal with “spiritual” matters we...

01 Mar

The Bible and ADHD

“Parents throughout the country are being pressured and coerced by schools to give psychiatric drugs to their children.  Teachers, school psychologists, and administrators commonly make dire threats about their inability to teach children without medicating them.  They sometimes suggest that only medication can stave off a bleak future of delinquency and occupational failure.  They even call child protective services to investigate parents for child neglect and they sometimes testify against parents in court.  Often the schools recommend particular physicians who...