What is Give Me That Book?

GMTB is a non-profit religious corporation dedicated to the promotion of the authority and sufficiency of the Bible, God’s Book; so that the Church of God might clearly and fully testify to the greatness and goodness of her Lord, Jesus Christ.

Who is the Founder of GMTB?

Dr. Gary L. Rieben is the founder and President of Give Me That Book [GMTB] ministries. He has spent 40 years in full time vocational Ministry as Senior Pastor in Santa Barbara, Ca. [14 years] and San Diego, Ca. [12 years]. He is a graduate of Evangel University, B.A.; and Fuller Seminary, Master of Divinity; Doctor of Ministry. He is a past teacher and Board member of Biblical Counseling Foundation, Palm Desert Ca.. Gary lives in Nixa Missouri with his wife Barbara of 40 years. He has two sons, Brett and Chad.

What is Mission of GMTB?

The Purpose of the Foundation is to bring glory to Jesus Christ by calling the church to return to full confidence in the sufficiency of God’s Written Word, the Bible. In his BOOK God speaks to men. In his Book he reveals his character, his purposes and his ways. In his Book he tells his people how to live a life that glorifies him and brings great joy to their souls. In the Book, God’s promises and commands enable people of faith to stand victorious against any storm that would howl against their lives [Mathew 7:23-24]. The truth found in the Book is far superior to the theories that come from the opinions of men [Psalm 1:1-3]. When God’s people pray, “open our eyes that we may see the wonderful things in Thy law,” [Psalm 119:18], the Spirit of God enables them to see and savor God’s purposeful, powerful, personal and practical blessings he has hidden there.  It is our conviction that God is speaking clearly and directly to his church today. If we will place our trust in Him and devour every word that proceeds from his mouth” [Matthew 4:4], we will not only know the truth that sets us free [John 8:31-32], God will cause his word to work powerfully through us to accomplish His awesome purpose for His people [Isaiah 55:10-13]. Not only will God be wonderfully glorified, our hearts will be thoroughly satisfied. Then we will sing with the Psalmist:

“I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches. I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways. I delight in your decrees. I will not neglect your word.” Psalm 119:14-16

What is our Strategy for mission?

1. Bible Centered Materials: To proclaim the sufficiency of God’s Word by providing Bible saturated resources that demonstrate how purposeful, powerful, personal and practical God’s Word is.

2. Leadership Seminars: To go to the ends of the earth in order to teach church leadership how the truth of God’s Word is sufficient for victory in every culture and circumstance of life.

3. Multiplication of Missionaries: To recruit men and women to leave the comfort of home for the awesome and rewarding adventure of proclaiming the glory of Christ to the ends of the earth. 

4. Educating Children: To aid the church leadership of third world countries in their effort to teach their children to read so that they can discover for themselves the riches of Christ that are found in God’s Word.

5. Serving Children: To demonstrate the love of Christ by working with local church leadership to meet the crisis needs of the children of their community.

6. Prophetic Voice: To write prophetically and apologetically in order to help free the church from its dependence upon the changing theories of the world so that it might build upon the rock-solid truth of God’s Word.

GMTB Board of Directors:

Dr. Gary Rieben, La Quinta, California [Chairman]

Roger Schnieders, San Diego, California [Vice Chairmen]

Mike Ornee, Santa Ynez, California [Secretary]

Gilbert Contreras, La Plata, Argentina

Virginia Contreras, La Plata, Argentina

Sandy Schneiders, San Diego, California

Paul Weingartner, Springfield, Missouri

Rev. Don Smith, Paso Robles, California

John Shock, Santa Barbara, California