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We have found a deep love for God’s Word here.

Men and women of the villages surrounding Ntcheu will get up at four in the morning and walk for hours just to be fed the precious Word of Life. It is our delight and privilege to be able to be God’s messenger to these precious people.



Chichewa Bibles

In January of 2014, my wife Barbara and I moved to the beautiful city of Ntcheu, Malawi, to assume the directorship of Action Malawi Trust. We have previously ministered in Malawi nine times and have found it to be truly the “warm heart of Africa.” God has given us a deep love for these people and the leadership of AMT have become my dear friends. We have found a deep love for God’s Word here. Men and women of the villages surrounding Ntcheu will get up at four in the morning and walk for hours just to be fed the precious Word of Life. It is our delight and privilege to be able to be God’s messenger to these precious people.

The ministries of Action Malawi are many. This January to May, we fed some 3000 orphans and widows at a time when the food supply gets dangerously low. We supply food that is both nourishing and plentiful to strengthen the bodies of these needy ones. 46000 meals were eventually served.

Action also provides pastoral leadership seminars to train how to read, study and devour God’s Word. May 21, 2014, we offered our first two classes to over 100 students. We had to sort through some four hundred applications before we narrowed down the numbers of students. Because we provide housing and food for the students, we had to limit the number of those who could attend. Those students who were privileged to attend were taught two classes: “Jesus: Who is He?” and the Doctrine of Salvation.” Although it was a challenge for them, they entered into the classes with unbelievable enthusiasm. What a blessing it was to be able to share God’s life-changing truths with them.

We have found that only ten percent of the pastors own their own Bibles so we are committed to doing our best to place a Bible in the hands of every one of our pastors. We have already given out 3000 Chichewa Bibles to our pastoral friends since we arrived in Malawi. We have given out over 900 Bibles to the students in the ten years of AMSOBs existence. We were able to do this because of supporters in Canada and the United States.

The ministries of Action also include providing school scholarships, a goat project, children camps, women’s ministries, book sharing, building projects, emergency services and evangelism crusades. We are also excited about a fairly new program called permaculture. This program is designed to train the local famers how to use their land and their resources wisely so that they may increase their crop production and protect the quality of their land. We are believing God will use this new effort to greatly bless the people of Malawi.

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. ” Jesus  (Matthew 5:16)

“Displaying the beauty of Christ by serving the most needy of Malawi with the words of truth and works of love.”

We do not have to decide what to do. We have to make the painful decision as to what not to do. The needs are everywhere! We believe that christ Jesus sent us here to display his beauty by loving these precious, needy people. Mudzi Owala (Village of Light) will help us do just that. It is set on a hill. It is our place to shine! It is our means to put a smile on the faces of little ones.

Orphan Feeding Program

Three years of drought has created a devastating famine. And, the ones who suffer the most are the thousands of orphans that live in the villages. We presently feed over 3000 orphans, three times a week for four months. We are expecting another bad harvest this year. This will allow us to keep these little ones healthy.

Medical Clinic

The medical providers neither have the training, facilities, or medicines to meet the challenges of our people. Patients with AIDS, malaria, infections, burns, and broken bones, receive inadequate care. Open fires inflict terrible burns n our little children. The Village clinic will allow us to help meet crucial medial needs like we did with Greshan.

Action Malawi School of Bible

The vast majority of village pastors have no theological training. Only 10% of them have bibles. We are committed to changing that. Severity five pastors completed a two-year curriculum last November. Today 150 pastors are enrolled in our school. This facility will give us an academic building, a theological library, dormitories and a kitchen to carry on the work of equipping our village pastors.

Infant Orphan Orphanage

Chizomo was left an orphan when his mother died in childbirth. He was entrusted to the care of an elderly widow in the village who was already caring for several orphans. When we discovered him he was living on sugar water. We provided him formula and he is growing strong. This happens far too often in the village. We want to provide a place where these orphans can be loved and cared for until they can be placed in homes that will be able to care for them.

How can you get involved?

If you would like to contribute to our efforts to serve our Malawi friends, you can send your checks to GIVE THAT BOOK, Box 1045, La Quinta, California, 92253; or, make use of our Paypal service. Thank you for your interest, your prayers and financial support as we attempt to spread the glory of Christ to the ends of the earth by proclaiming the power of God through the teaching of His Word.

We are a part of the world-wide ministries of Action International. if you would like to know more about what ACTION believes and is doing you may access their web site by going to

Dr. Gary L. Rieben, Action Malawi Trust Director