Ministry Projects

09 Jan

A Place to Stand and Win in 2020

“The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom; his tongue speaks what is just. The word of God is in his heart. His feet do not slip.” Psalm 37 Note: I wrote this in the fall of 2019 while on furlough in the US. Returning to the US is always a time of struggle and adjustment. In Malawi, things are much more simple. Attractions and distractions are minimal. Where we live there is no theater, no television, no malls and few restaurants. The...

05 Feb

What a Privilege!

“Jesus replied, No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of heaven.” (Luke 9:62) It is such a privilege for me to be here in Malawi. Sure, I miss the water running all the time, the electricity being on all the time and the internet working all the time. I miss the football games and the basketball games and Rubios and Wendy’s and even MacDonalds, in my weaker moments. I...

01 Mar

Ministry in Malawi

In January of 2014, my wife Barbara and I moved to the beautiful city of Ntcheu, Malawi, to assume the directorship of Action Malawi Trust. We have previously ministered in Malawi nine times and have found it to be truly the “warm heart of Africa.” God has given us a deep love for these people and the leadership of AMT have become my dear friends. We have found a deep love for God’s Word here. Men and women of the...