John Piper gives you a banquet of delicious choices that are fit to challenge us in every facet of discipleship. His overarching theme can be summed up in these words: “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” All of his writings are wrapped around that simple but profound statement. Here are some of the books he has written: The Pleasures of God is the place where he sets out his theological vision of God’s purpose for creation and redemption. In God’s Passion for His Glory, Piper draws from the writings of one of his theological mentors, Jonathon Edwards, to further his conviction that rejoicing over the glory of God is the central theme and purpose of life.

A “Godward Life” is a compilation of 120 brief readings based upon scriptures that can be used as a daily devotional. Pastors and preachers can gain great insight from Piper’s “The Supremacy of God in Preaching” and “Brothers, We Are Not Professionals.” Great encouragement and practical wisdom can be found in Pipers biographies of our giants of faith. In “The Roots of Endurance,” “The Hidden Smile of God,” “The Legacy of Sovereign Joy” and “Contending For Our All,” Piper shows how the grace of God enabled these giants of faith to glorify Christ in the midst of great suffering and pain by finding in him that love that is better than life. In “Let The Nations Be Glad,” John gives a clear and powerful presentation that the ultimate motive and purpose for mission is the worship of God.

I think my two favorite books by Piper are “Don’t Waste Your Life” and “When I Don’t Desire God.” God used these two books to speak to me at a very crucial and painful time in my life. They helped to clarify my calling and set the direction of life for the rest of my days. Below I have displayed some of the rich treasures you will unearth if you decide to dig into these God-honoring books:

Here are some quotes from “Don’t Waste Your Life.”

“The wasted life is the life without passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples.”  p. 31

“Would you feel more loved by God if he made much of you, or if he liberated you from the bondage of self regard, at a great cost to himself, so that you enjoy making much of him forever?” 36        

“On the far side of every risk-even if it results in death-the love of God triumphs. This is the faith that frees us to risk for the cause of God. It is not heroism, or lust for adventure, or courageous self-reliance, or efforts to earn God’s favor. It is childlike faith in the triumph of God’s love- that on the other side of all our risks, for the sake of righteousness, God will still be holding on to us. We will be eternally satisfied in him. Nothing will have been wasted.” P. 95