A Treasury of Truth for Troubled Times

A Treasury of Truth for Troubled TimesDr Gary’s book Give Me That Book: A Treasury of Truth for Troubled Times has been available since December 2013. We have been thrilled at the comments we have been receiving from our readers. Here is a testimony from one religious educator:

“What a treasure.  I love your writing style.  The book is informative, inspirational, and although it deals with profound issues and concepts, it is written in clear and concise language.  I believe you achieved your goal in that while reading and after reading your book, the heart cries out, “give me that Book”.  I am grateful that you invested your life in this worthy and noble project.  I believe it will result in eternal dividends.  I am telling my friends it is a “must read”.”

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Note: All proceeds from the sales of this book go to supporting our missionary endeavors in Malawi and the world.