I am a member of the far Christian right, not because I moved to the right but because my dear country has moved so far to the left. I have not moved. Someone who has not lived in the United States for the last twenty-five years, who has lived in a post-Christian Europe, who resides in a socialistic state, who gets her news about America from CNN, who attends churches that are generally non-biblical, can never understand the depth of concern we “far right Christians” have for our country and the fear we struggle with as we see the destruction we are headed for. She would not have witnessed the astronomical rise in divorce; the destruction of the family; the terrible rise in instances of child abuse; the millions of babies that never see life because the of the legitimizing of abortion; she would not have seen the homosexual life style, not only be accepted but promoted as good and healthy; she would not have witnessed the concept of absolute truth being jettisoned as an outdated vestige of the past; she would not have cringed as she saw the Bible and prayers being outlawed in our schools; she would not have gasped as her president saw it necessary to proclaim to the world that we were not a Christian nation; she would not have felt the animosity grow to a point where Christianity is not just tolerated, but is in a growing number of influential circles hated; she would not observed how so many of the nation’s churches have compromised and softened their “gospel” so as to be acceptable to a secularized culture. In short, her perspective on the battle we are engaged in as committed believers who love our God and our nation, are distorted and can offer little insight to help us in the crucial battle we wage.